Headspace App


'Giving myself some time, some space'; 'Quiet Time'; or even the 'what do they really mean' words,  Meditation and Mindfulness ... 

Whatever you like to call it, and whatever variation suits you, there are apps that can help guide and support you in a reflective way about yourself and your situation.

Headspace is just one of them.

MyNoise App


MyNoise is not just another 'sound loop' app. 

Uniquely, you can play MyNoise and whatever other music, videos, or podcasts that you like, both at the same time.

This makes MyNoise great for blocking out any intrusive soundscape with ambient sounds, from White Noise and Waterfalls, to Seascapes and Gregorian Chants.

Gottman Card Deck App


The Gottmans have their own unique style of relationship therapy. 

Behind their work lies a sense that we are all individuals who are curious about our relationships with ourselves and others.

I sometimes use a variety of Gottman Cards with individuals, groups, couples, and poly relationships to open up something different.


Love Sex


The best 'self help' book you can buy for supporting your sexual journey and the homeodynamic model (Brain, Mind, Body & Emotions.

Without doubt, you will make discoveries about yourself and others.

Recommended for all my clients, whether in a sexual relationship, or not!

Esther Perel: Mating in Captivity


Esther Perel is a well known psychosexual practitioner. They way she writes about relationships is both accessible and open.

I usually wouldn't consider recommending 'airport self-help books' and their unhelpful commerciality, however this is an exception.

I'm glad it has got traction, as it is a very useful read - for couples and individuals alike.

If there's something in here that you'd find useful in our sessions, just let me know.

Eric Berne: Games People Play


More than 40 years old, 'Games People Play' is still a very relevant read.


Yes, some of the stereotypes are a bit outdated, but the core ideas that it offers, including the examples and dialogues, are bang up to date.

Based on the premise that we all contain elements of our Parents, often act as we did as Children, and strive to remain Adults if we can, you'll find a lot to support your therapy.

Stephen Briers: Psychobabble


You might think it a bit strange for a trained, qualified, and experienced Counsellor and Therapist to offer you a book that takes a critical look at therapy.

Well, not at all! Informed choice and ethical practice are the basis of my work.

Many of the things that irriate me as a professional therapist, and often get in the way for clients, including the misuse of pseudo-therapy in an unethical way by unqualified practitioners, are very usefully discussed and brought into the open.


'Love' by Alexander Milov


Alexandr Milov is a Ukranian artist who has a feel for the representation of the emotional.

'Love' offers us a chance to see how the children within us can communicate, even when, as adults, we turn away from genuine connection through fear.

Hula, Painting in Extreme Tides


Sean Yoro, aka Huna, created a unique expression and representation of how the tides of depression, sadness, and loss can make us feel overwhelmed, as if we drowning in our world.

Marcel Gagnon Sculptures


Marcel Gagnon's sculptures show how groups and families interact, changing their faces as they are wethered by our life experiences.